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A unique, two-man review site that provides both video and written reviews of premium, hand-rolled cigars and cigar accessories. We want to share our smoking experience with others, and develop friendships with others in the cigar community!
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  1. Black-Ops Reload Light
    This single jet, windproof lighter is capable of using pre-filled cartridges as opposed to having to manually refill the tank each time you are empty. I go through all the highlights as well as the cons of this lighter. Watch the video or read the review to find out how long a full tank of butane will last you, as well as how easy/or not it is to replace the cartridges.
  2. HumiCare 40 Count Herf-a-Dor
    A heavy duty, well constructed travel humidor. Holds 40+ cigars depending on the vitola. The Herf-a-Dor comes with its own humidifier to keep your cigars properly humidified.