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Save the Leaf

The cigar industry is the best it has ever been! The amount of Brothers and Sisters of the leaf is growing and makes for an amazing family. As a family we get together and enjoy some amazing premium cigars from numerous companies. Some old and well beloved, and some just getting their foot in the door.

As the Golden Age of cigars we are spoiled with all sorts of amazing creations from the minds of the best blenders we have ever seen! Live is good and cigars give us the opportunity to make new friends, relax and enjoy the many different events and stages life has to offer. We can celebrate with them and mourn with them. 

It almost sounds too good to be true doesn't it? Well the Government of the United States of America is on a warpath against us. We as a community and as a family are ALL under attack. From the business owners to the consumers, from the factories to the field workers. Literally hundreds of thousands of people in different areas of the world, whether they know it or not, are under attack.

This attack, spearheaded by the over reaching FDA will effect each and every one of us, albeit a little differently. The plans by the FDA to regulate cigars will literally cripple the cigar industry. Small business owners will loose their shops, Boutique cigar brands that we have come to love will vanish. Not to mention, our friends in Central America will get hit with economical and job losses. 

If we sit back and do nothing, then we will be left standing in a cloud of smoke, with no cigars in our hands. The Golden Age will have crumbled to ashes.

As a community and family of cigar lovers, we MUST stand together and be PROACTIVE in fighting the government on this. The time to remain silenttimid and ignorant about this all too real issue is gone.

It will take all of us rallying together to fight for our freedoms and cigar rights. DON'T LET THE FDA KILL OUR CULTURE!

Please join the many other manufacturers, retailers and consumers in this very real battle today! 

Go to Save The Leaf or click the banner on ther right to get information and updates on event's. There are many ways you can get involved if you are a manufacturer, or business owner. Ask how!

Sign the Cigar Rights of America Petition!

Sign the WhiteHouse.org petition! 

Talk to your State Representatives !